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Our work is to provide the best of Military Uniform, Military Dress, Military Materials and Military Camouflage Patterns.
You will find all what you need in terms of Police Materials, Police Uniform, Police suits and sweaters.
With its dynamic and professional team, Raff Military Textile is offering all kind of official and ceremonial uniforms with international standards.
Raff Military Textile sells ceremony uniforms with an optimum price for all the military and police departments with the best quality raw materials.


All the promotional products with high quality are produced in RAFF Military Textile.


Organisational clothing – Institutional Clothing – Companies Uniforms – are all produced by Raff Military Textile with the respect of its standards and the quality/control certificates.


Military Shoes – Police Shoes – Security Agent Shoes – Sandals – Sport Shoes – Military Boots – These products are exported under the conformity of the certificate ISO 9001


Military Accessories – Police Accessories, all kind of accessories with different products are manufactured under customer’s specifications.


Military Sports clothing - Police Sports clothing - tracksuit tracksuit sportifs- different model - Special tracksuit are made..

HELLO, RAFF MILITARY TEXTILE deploys all its resources to provide to all countries in the world

Polis Elbisesi İmalatçısı

The different kinds of outfits and police accessories are made by preparing a meticulous and precise work. In terms of clothing and accessories Police MILITARY RAFF TEXTILE is known for the highest quality products meeting the requirements of the certificate of quality - control and especially by choosing premium products.

For years she used her professionalism and quality workmanship for continuously provide customers with high quality clothing and accessories Police.

 To perpetuate the customer satisfaction MILITARY RAFF TEXTILE is committed to strictly respect delivery deadlines, to offer affordable price. Also, with many years of experience in the production of uniforms and police accessories, MILITARY RAFF TEXTILE ensure the application of methods and materials quality in every phase of production so that the customer is completely feel comfortable when using the products.


Police Reflective Raincoat, Reflective Police Mane, Police Beret, Police Scarf, Police Operation Garment, Motorized Outfit, Outfit Technical Specifications.

Police Apparel - Military Apparel - Military Camouflage Uniform - wholesale sales of exported textile products and equipment has been renewed ISO 9001 Certificates related to manufacturing, purchasing, sales exports.

Police Sweater - Military Sweater - Weapon Military Sweaters have been manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the technical specification tactile mandatory yarn specifications 30/1 and 2 times 200 round twisted yarns.

We produce Police Clothing We are producing special fabrics for our health. With Raff Quality Guarantee we are continuing to export Policewear Suits.

Police Clothing - Police Cap - Police Winter Clothing - Police T-Shirt - Police Cap - Police Cap - Police Clothing -We manufacture using First Class Material in Police Shirt Manufacturing.